Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things Change....

Since my last post a lot has changed!  Our original builder called us not long after my last post, in August 2010, to say that they were closing their office on Kiawah and they would not be building our house!  Shock!!  So back to the drawing board......  Ken and I took some time to decide if we had what it took, in this economy, to move forward with another builder.  From that point, our "stars staring all lining up!"  We found another builder, kept our same Architectural plans, and moved forward to sign (another) contract with the new builder.  We met the owner of the company for lunch in Atlanta and felt very comfortable with him.  We did some due diligence work and decided that for us the time is great to move ahead!   So we now have a sign up and the general grating for the driveway started today!  Exciting!  I think this will be our Christmas present for the next 30 years!

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The SC Coastal Marsh

The SC Coastal Marsh