Thursday, December 9, 2010

Things Change....

Since my last post a lot has changed!  Our original builder called us not long after my last post, in August 2010, to say that they were closing their office on Kiawah and they would not be building our house!  Shock!!  So back to the drawing board......  Ken and I took some time to decide if we had what it took, in this economy, to move forward with another builder.  From that point, our "stars staring all lining up!"  We found another builder, kept our same Architectural plans, and moved forward to sign (another) contract with the new builder.  We met the owner of the company for lunch in Atlanta and felt very comfortable with him.  We did some due diligence work and decided that for us the time is great to move ahead!   So we now have a sign up and the general grating for the driveway started today!  Exciting!  I think this will be our Christmas present for the next 30 years!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I just received word that we should have all the permitting completed in 4 weeks from Charleston County.  From what I understand, that is no small feat.  Not like building permits here in the metro Atlanta area. We are really beginning to get excited!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My first blog!.....Building at Seabrook Island

Blogging is new to me.  Although, I consider myself to be a "people person"  I feel like I have been blogging all my life, when in reality this is the very first.  A little like standing on a diving board for the first time as a child and looking into the depth of a pool.  So here goes..... My husband and I purchased a lot on Seabrook Island, a private community, south of Charleston, South Carolina, about 6 years ago.  Upon much consideration we have finally taken "the plunge" to build our dream cottage, with the help of a delightful building and architecture team, Simonini Builders.  Upon meeting the 3 approval meetings with the Seabrook Island Architectural Review Committee, we are finally on our way.  Over the next year, I will document our experience.

The SC Coastal Marsh

The SC Coastal Marsh